The Silit Profi

The Silit Profi is now out of production and the last few for sale on the interwebs are only available here. Made from 18/10 Stainless Steel, the sleek design is adapted for ease of hand movements when pushing Spaetzle batter through the holes. Fits all pots from 20-28cm. Dishwasher safe. Complete with Dough Scraper. Purchase yours here:

Nana’s Spaetzle Maker

Let me introduce you to Nana’s Spaetzle Pasta Maker…

A German Lady called Hannelore who lives in Canada and loves her Spaetzle, naturally introduced them to her grandchildren, but when her grandson was diagnosed a coeliac sufferer, he was unable to tolerate wheat flour. She soon discovered that she could not use gluten free flours with ordinary Spaetzle Makers, so she set about designing a special Spaetzle Maker for all types of gluten free flours. It took three years to perfect the design and find the right material (it is a type of resin that is used at NASA by the way) and ” Nana’s Spaetzle Maker” was born.

Hannelore now works very closely with the Coeliac society in Canada and the United States and “Nana’s Spaetzle Maker” is becoming known throughout the world. The beauty of Nana’s Spaetzle Maker is that you can make Spaetzle with all kinds of flours, gluten free and wheat flours. Get yours today from our secure store:

Once you have purchased your Spaetzle maker, Don’t miss out on testing all the yummy recipes you and your family will love. Get creative and don’t just stick to the recipe. Create your own!


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