Variations to Accompany Specific Meals.
These are to be added to uncooked batter mixture and then simmered in water unless otherwise specified. For a Satay or Curry dish – Add smooth peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce, coconut milk in place of milk/water, and mixed herbs.
Add mashed pumpkin, coriander and curry powder.
Use coconut milk instead of normal milk

For Italian dish –
Add grated parmesan cheese and garlic chives.
Add basil and finely chopped semi fresh sun-dried tomatoes.

For Roast Meats –
Add mashed potato, sour cream and garlic chives.

For Roast Lamb-
Add freshly chopped mint and cracked black pepper

For Roast Beef-
Add white pepper and a teaspoon of mustard.
Use red wine to mix instead of milk or water.

For Roast Chicken-
Add a crushed mushroom stock cube.

For Vegetarian dishes-
Use tofu in place of eggs.
Experiment with different herbs and spices.
Three cheese mix of finely grated mozzarella, vintage and parmesan cheese.

For Sweet dishes-
Add pureed stewed apple or mashed banana. Fry spaetzle in oil not water, then roll in cinnamon sugar and serve with coffee or ice cream.