Serves 4


2 cups plain flour
salt & white pepper to taste
2 eggs
4 tablespoon chopped Garlic Chives
4 tablespoons Parmesan Cheese – the dried variety.
(Do not use any fresh grated cheese in the mixture because as soon as it hits the boiling water – it will disintegrate.)
Any tasty hard dried cheese like Parmesan, Pecorino or Asiago is fine.


  • Make spaetzle as per basic recipe:
  • In a bowl add flour, salt and pepper.
  • Add eggs one by one.
  • Use either milk or water to make batter.
  • Add chopped chives and Parmesan cheese.
  • Cook as usual through a spaetzle maker over boiling water.
  • Cook for 2 mins, drain.
  • Saute lightly in a little butter or olive oil, serve with Roast Beef or Pork. Perfect with gravy!