The night before bin-day, time to clean out your fridge. But don’t waste it!

This is the easiest soup to make.

Ingredients – whatever you’ve got.

Method – throw it in a pot

Time – cook for as long as you need to.

Serves as many as it can, with leftovers too.

Okay, so it may not quite be like that. But this all started with the night before bin-day. You know when you clean out the fridge, cupboard, shelves and you have lots bits of this and that. Half a carrot, chopped mushrooms, a sliced onion, leftover goulash/roast/curry/spag bog/insert your fridge here.

So as the weather was getting cooler, I thought time to go whole hog and make a bin soup worth it. So using a leftover chicken frame from the freezer, (you know when you buy a cooked chook on Saturdays for lunch meat for the weekend?) Well I added a couple of chicken thighs with bones as well as 4 rashers chopped bacon. Sautéed them and then added the veggies I had in the fridge. This time we had carrot, celery, chopped mushrooms, capsicum (red), alfalfa sprouts, corn on the cob (cob removed) potatoes, zucchini, onion, mashed pumpkin, leftover peas and beans and then threw in a cup of leftover gravy.

Well it was bingo!

I boiled up a soup mix made of barley and lentils along with the meat and frames, then after 45 mins, added all the vegetables. I just used tap water – no fancy stock. only added salt and pepper.

Then I fed the lady across the road, my brother, 2 for the freezer and the lunch room at work.

The best!

So have you made Rubbish Bin Soup and what was yours like?