When Cherries are in season, you just can’t go wrong. Marrying them up with their own liquor is a match made in heaven. Kirsch Wasser just adds this extra special something. There won’t be anything left for tomorrow!


110g Butter

125g Sugar

2-3 Eggs

Pinch Salt

Oetker Baking Essence: vanilla

200g Plain Flour

2 tspn Oetker Baking Powder

1-2 Tblspn Milk


1 cup finely chopped Walnuts

60g Sugar

60g SR Flour

50g Butter

Mix dry ingredients and then run butter through like breadcrumbs.


2 cups fresh Cherries, pitted and halved

50g Sugar

Half cup Kirsch


Cream the butter and add sugar. Then add eggs one at a time. Add flavorings.

Add flour a little at a time. Only use milk if needed.

Spread mix on a slice tray that has been lined with baking/silicone paper. Arrange cherries and pour any juice over the top.

Crumble streusel mix over the top of the cherries.

Bake in a  moderate oven for 45 mins. Serve warm with whipped cream.