I don’t know about you, but my Freezer is the dark side of Planet X.

Everyone knows where it is, but one must pluck up courage before entering the ‘No Go’ zone.

And what would make me attempt this folly? Of course……..Xmas leftovers

They need somewhere to live. Too much food left, and don’t want to waste it so will freeze it down and make something amazing with it in a few weeks.

(of course, we know that will not happen and after 5 months I can then throw it out without  feeling guilty)

So there is me with so many covered dishes late on Christmas Day, trying to figure out what can go where and if I put this in that square container, can I just squeeze it on that second shelf?

But first I thought I would be clever and take inventory of what is in the freezer already, put it on a spreadsheet and then I can plan my menu for the next few months.

The bottom draw I have reserved for putting out on Bin day as I don’t want my rubbish bin stinking to high heaven over the next 5 days. Especially in 40℃heat.

So I went and did my audit at 10.30 pm at night on Christmas Day. Where did all this stuff come from? There has to be a freezer fairy. What got me was the unknown different containers with substances that were leftover chicken satay, Bolognese sauce and some mysterious green stuff. Several ends of loaves of bread, numerous packets of frozen vege that only had about 7 beans or a handful of peas. Why don’t you just tip everything into the pot? Of course and then you can freeze the cooked vege that is leftover!

being taped to freezer door as we speak.

Eventually once the freezer had been cleared out and I was left with a third of space, what a feeling of relief! Then turning to all the new wrapped parcels of xmas food that was waiting it’s turn to find an allocated slot. By midnight I could breathe a sigh of relief. I had achieved my goal of conquering the dark side.

Actually I feel very smug having done this. One up on New Years resolutions already!

I am now making a pledge that the only things I buy are fresh milk, lettuce, and fruit. This is for the next 3 months or I can see the bottom of my freezer, whichever is the sooner.

Now for the food cupboard……..