When Spaetzle doesn’t work out. So where did I go wrong?

Here are some tips to help you.

Runny batter – stringy spaetzle –  Try a little extra liquid to soften then and make them easier to work with.

I have to ‘work’ my batter through the holes and they come out like bullets –  Too much liquid. If testing with a small batch, add extra flour to the rest of the mix and it will thicken up.

I added cheese and now my mix has broken up into a gluey mess  –   Only use a little parmesan for flavour. Do not used coarse grated cheese in the batter as it dissolves in cooking.

My spaetzle are bland and taste of nothing but flour. –   Make sure to use sufficient eggs, salt and pepper. Add flavourings such as herbs, spices, a little chicken stock powder and white pepper to boost the flavour.

When I saute them, they are hard and dry or burn. –   Use butter or oil in the frypan, medium heat, use a lid and just before serving, add a shot of water (tablespoon) this freshens and plumps the spaetzle. Do not stir it too much in the fry pan, it is not fried rice.

They are greasy when I simmer them in water. –   Do not oil the pot, they will not stick. Rinse with cold water if you wish to freeze them in bags.