Recipes, Veg & Salads

Red Cabbage & Apple

I absolutely love red cabbage although on the sweeter side made with apples, not the savoury side with garlic. So here it is: 1 whole red cabbage, thinly sliced 5 apples (red for sweet, green for not so sweet) 1…

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Baking, Meat, Chicken & Savoury

Meatloaf Cake

This is a mystery cake with a difference. The yummy scone dough hides the best savoury meatloaf underneath. Easy to cut and looks great when served. Shine at your next dinner party with a classic favourite with a twist. Meatloaf…

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Veg & Salads

My Tomato Salad

You can’t go wrong with this salad, my favourite and makes an appearance at every BBQ. Oh and it takes 3 mins to make. You can use large tomatoes cut into chunks but I prefer Solanato or Baby Roma tomatoes….

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